Jee5Unit can be configured by adding a regular java properties file on the classpath of the tests. The file should be in the default package and be called ''. In a maven project this will probably be 'src/test/resources/'

You can set the following properties to affect the behaviour of jee5unit:

# If your project is using hibernate validation you might want to disable it for the tests.
# Default is 'true' - to disable validation. Set to 'false' to keep the validation turned on 
# when saving to the database in your tests. Available since: jee5unit-1.1

# You might want to use a specific type of database provider. For now the possible
# types are "InMemoryHsql" and "InMemoryDerby". Default is InMemoryHsql.
# Available since: jee5unit-1.2

Custom hibernate configuration

You can override one or more hibernate properties by placing a properties file called '' in the default package on the classpath of the tests.

The standard configuration (memory database, no validators etc) that jee5unit sets up can be totally altered by setting the related properties in this file.